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We offer a fully comprehensive course with our Web Development Career Bundle. This brings you a wide range of courses to walk you through every aspect of professional Web Development. We cover the 4 most useful programming languages currently in the market – HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript & Python.

Once complete we will get you a job interview in Web Development.

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4 Programming Languages









Step 1: Consultation

Unsure what course is right for you? We will walk you through what the options are and how you can benefit by starting it. The consultation is free of charge and we will find the perfect course for your needs. 

Step 2 : Online Studying

All of your training is delivered online and you will have 24/7 access to the course content for one year, giving you more than enough time to study at your own pace around any previous commitments you may have. The courses will give you an extensive collection of instructor-led videos and other learning resources via our online learning platform.

Step 3 : Job Placement

Upon completion of all the online courses and the necessary live labs we will re-model your CV and start to find you interviews with our local partners in your area.

The main difference between us and other Training companies is that we have over 5,000 employer partnerships in operation so we can place you into work all over the country with a number of different companies, often with multiple options.

Key Learning Points

This package will help you to build a full understanding of many factors within an IT environment, from hardware and software, to operating systems management, networking and security:

  • HTML is one of the main programming languages that power the internet. And once you master it, you can begin to create your own web content, whether it be simple websites or complex online applications. This online training course provides an in-depth look at the essentials of writing and editing HTML code.

The JavaScript Essentials online training course is designed to teach students the fundamentals of JavaScript programming. This course is critical for someone trying to get into web development and wanting to learn more about JavaScript fundamentals.


Whether you’re a web developer responsible for thousands of pages or a freelance web designer working on websites for local business, CSS is a very important skill to master. CSS or Cascading Style Sheets provides web developers and designers with the ability to create attractive web pages. This course will show all levels of users an introduction to CSS3, understanding of the CSS box model, working with page layouts, using colors and backgrounds, web typography, working with lists and tables, and dynamic CSS3 properties.


Widely regarded as one of the most simple and versatile programming languages out there, Python is used for web programming, video game building, microchip testing, desktop apps, and so much more.

Used by programmers, developers, designers and everyone in between, it’s one of the easiest programming languages to learn, and definitely the best starting point for new coders.


What People Are Saying

It was easy to set up and I had great support from Vince throughout the duration of the course. I start my new IT role on Monday and can’t wait to hit the ground running using the new knowledge I have learned.

Andrew Jones

The course was tough, but after passing it I just got my first job in the IT industry! Can’t wait to see what the future holds and where this industry takes me.

Rachel Graham

I purchased the New to IT Package course through IT Career Swap I had great support and service throughout and Michael had a detailed CV review before being forwarded to their recruitment partner.
I have now started my career in IT through this method. I would highly recommend IT Career Swap for other those who wish to start a career in IT.

Bradley Dean

Best decision I’ve ever made. Thank you!

Imran Khan

Working with Vince has been easy. Courses are tough but with effort have got through them. All round great service

Jennifer Barton

I love that these courses are globally recognised. Me and my boyfriend were planning on moving to Dubai with his work and now I can go with him and get a job out there.

Adeline West

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